New Year, New Term, New Applicants

Happy 2017 guys,

Like me, you all are probably recovering from over-eating over Christmas, by well, more over-eating… like who wants reaaaaaaally wants to diet? life’s too short, right?

But as expected, a new year brings a new term at the University of Essex and also a whole new lot of applicants, many of which I hope are reading this right now! Hopefully, many of you ISC students came along to our applicant day this week to have a chat with us and complete your interviews – don’t worry, I’m sure you all smashed it ;). Now, on the day, I shyly hovered about to answer any questions that you, potential students,  may have possibly had about, the ISC as a department, our courses – particularly American Studies as that’s my degree, study abroad & anything else really. However, if you weren’t able to catch me cowering in the corner, hiding behind a Jon-snow-esque coat, hoping no one would see me (I’m really shy lol!), I thought I’d do a short little post. I’ve tried to include a little bit about how my experience as a second year ISC & American Studies student, has been going so far in 2017! (If you did catch me, you’re free to leave here.. or stay.. that’s cool too..).


I can honestly say I’ve absolutely loved my first term back at Uni this year, along with my first term but that’s sooo 2016 (yeah, cheesy I know, but stay with me here!). After having 3 x 3000-word essays to do over the Christmas period, I was close to having my brain implode by the time Monday 16th January came, luckily I have no classes on Mondays, so by Tuesday I was raring to go. After spending the last term doing an optional, term-long, history module on the ‘Resistance and Rebellion in the World of Atlantic Slavery’ – which is exactly what it says on the tin, I started a similar module about the African American Experience. I was really excited about this module due to having a background on slavery from the previous module, but also due to the fact that this module spans across centuries of African American history, including the jim crow era right up to the Obama period. Now, if you don’t know (I dunno maybe you missed it), but as of Friday, a man by the name of Donald Trump became the new leader of the free world & despite what side you may be on when it comes to President Trump, I think we can all agree on the fact of one thing; there is an overwhelming sense of global anxiety going on right now. So, to study a module that will explore how the African American experience has changed through these era’s and, as of Friday, the post-Obama period, it is really interesting to be able to relate current affairs to my learning. I think by having modules that relate to current issues and visa versa, I find myself having a more enriching and understanding sense of learning.

I owe such interesting and relatable modules to flexible degrees the ISC offer; while, understandably, there are some core modules that are compulsory to study, there is a wide selection of optional modules to study alongside what is mandatory, that way you are able to tailor your degree for you. My other subjects consist of ‘navigating the digital world’, a module about the effects of.. erm.. the digital world i.e. social media, the internet.. you get it – who doesn’t want to study about twitter? I want to go into digital marketing, so that was super fitting for me. Plus, I have a year long module about the ‘Sociology of Sexualities’, again, an amazing module – especially with the, pretty new, 2015 legalisation of gay marriage in the USA and the anxiety that the LGBT may be facing under the Trump administration. So really, you can see that, not only, American Studies but all of our ISC degrees, allow a flexible freedom for us to build our own, relatable education, making sure our £9,000 a year is going towards what each individual, ISC, student truly wants.

I tried to keep this as short and sweet as possible & give you all a tiny bit of an insight of an ISC student this term, but if there is absolutely anything else that you guys may need to ask, remember to drop me an email: I’ll always be happy to answer any questions!

To end, I would just like to say that despite being in a time where things may feel a little uncertain, whether that may be due to the new President or simply just waiting for your final results to make it into uni (no pressure, but it better be Essex! let’s face it, we’re the best, that’s why you’re reading this!!) Essex remains an environment of solidarity, inclusion & community. It’s a new year, let’s make it an excellent one.

We are one. We are Essex.

Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 21.36.38.png


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