How Essex helped my passion



Let’s get straight into it!

This week I wanted to talk about a passion of mine that pretty much fits in perfectly with an ISC degree and Essex as a whole – Travel.

Here at Essex, we are closely connected to the element of travel. Not only do we have exchange partners in 45 countries, but we also embrace international students and many different cultures every day, these were some of the deciding factors that led me to choose Essex. I needed to find a university that would fit around my love of travelling & I can honestly say I found that in Essex, for a number of reasons.

1. Our month-long breaks:

Essex operates on ten week long terms, way longer than a lot of universities, meaning, yeah we need to work for a bit longer during term times but there’s a silver lining I promise! Our longer terms mean that we get month-long Christmas and Easter breaks, plus we start the new academic year in October, meaning loads and loads of time for trips (providing you don’t fall behind on your essays, that is!).

In my Easter break I had the opportunity to travel through South-East Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia) for an entire month, I even took my essays with me. Now, I’m not saying to ditch all responsibilities and jet off at any opportunity Essex gives us, but if you’re able to have the balance between pleasure & work, then why not?


2. Blogging x Travel

I probably mentioned this in my other posts, but the whole reason I decided to apply for this frontrunner position is because I enjoy blogging, in fact, I have my own travel blog. The point of a frontrunner placement is to enhance skills you already have and to teach you others, too. I wanted to take my writing skills and enhance them, with the hope that I will be able to utilise them in my career. My frontrunner placement has provided me with social media, branding and professional work skills training, all techniques that I can use here and on my travel blog. More training + more blogging = more travel blogging, more travelling and so on. While you’re here, head on over and check out how Essex has helped me become more confident in my travel blog:

3. Languages For All


Essex also provides a programme by the name of ‘Languages For All‘, which allows students to learn a language, absolutely free, for the first year (with fees for the subsequent years). I took part in the course and in my first year, I had the opportunity to learn Mandarin Chinese. I didn’t choose to study it for longer than the given year (to be fair, I really wasn’t any good at it!) but I learned a good amount of basics that helped me throughout my time in Asia!

4. Of course, study abroad

I’ve banged on about study abroad a million times on this blog, but trust me, it’s worth the coverage. As you now know, an ISC degree will give you the choice to study abroad, or in my case, have it as a compulsory part of your degree. This year, I’ll have to put my trips on hold because fingers crossed, I’ll be jetting off to America in August for my semester abroad! A new university, a whole lot of admiration for my British accent and a sprinkle of sight seeing on top will be my second half of 2017 and I. CANT. WAIT. And, if you haven’t guessed, it’s all down to Essex’s international nature!


Essex has helped me realise and chase my passion for travelling in more ways than I can begin to list here. Visit our website to see how we can help you chase yours!

See you soon,



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