Student Life @ Essex


I’m back again this week to give you a brief insight into the perks of student life here at Essex. It’s all well and good to immerse yourself in the amazing degrees and modules that we provide, but it’s important to remember to have a social life at university (as I’m sure most of you are looking forward to). Here at the university, we have it all covered!

Freshers & Other Events 

So, I’m sure you’ve all heard of a little thing universities do for the first couple weeks of term, called Freshers. A time to get acquainted with a whole lot of new people, Alcohol, sleepless nights and waking up at 3pm, oh yeah, bliss!

We have a couple spots on campus that host freshers events, I’d say our main venue is Sub Zero due to being the biggest and it also holds events frequently throughout the year. Held under campus, hence the sub, Sub Zero provides us with fresher events such as UV paint parties, foam parties and special guest events (My year had a night of Lethal B!). Other venues such as Base, our smaller venue, also holds events throughout the year such as Hip Hop, urban classics and club nights, if you’re one who tends to opt for a more intimate crowd!

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 18.54.06.png

If you’re just looking for a chilled out drink and a bite to eat, look no further than our Top Bar, SU Bar and Frangos. With Our bars equipped with the finest of soft drinks, along with ciders, wines and shakes and our SU bar even has Starbucks! Along with all of that, if you’re looking for your chicken fix away from home, Frangos has all you need if you fancy something nandos-esque.

Plus, if partying really isn’t for you, we have our very own cinema on campus, CINE10; so you don’t need to go far AND you don’t need to spend as much just to watch your favourite flick!

Check out our other venues on campus, right here.


Another good way to socialise around campus is joining a society and the best part about it, is its free to do so! I chose to be part of the cheerleading squad in my first year and never looked back, I loved being part of the Essex Flames and travelling around the UK for competitions. Plus, when my time came to an end and I wanted to try something different, I got involved with starting a whole new society (music production society) with a great bunch of people. Despite there being countless societies across campus, whether that be cultural, musical or even Sci-Fi, remember that if you still don’t find something you like, you can start up your own one! There’s usually at least a couple other people in the university that are probably thinking the same thing, so step right up!

Another perk of being part of a society, especially a sport-centered one is FED. You may not be aware now, but once you get here, you too will be aware of the best thing about a Tuesday night – SPORTS FED. In short, it’s a night where all the sports societies get together, have a drink and head down to sub zero for the weekly event. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Check out our societies here.

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 21.43.08.png

So, as usual, I wanted to keep this post short and sweet. I hope I’ve informed you enough about social life on campus, but if you have any more questions, as always, pop me an email.

For now, see what else we offer that I haven’t covered:

That’s it from me.

Love, Mon x




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