What’s it like being in a Society?

Can you believe it’s March Already? 3 months into the year and it feels like Christmas was just yesterday. So as the year goes on, you’re gonna want to think about the possible extra-curricular activities you’ll engage in, once you get to uni. I’ve touched on societies a tad, in other posts, but I thought I’d dedicate a whole post to the what & why’s of societies!

Why join a society?

Let’s start with the why! The perks of joining a University society are endless, there’s the obvious social side such as meeting new friends and having loads of different experiences depending on the society but there’s more! Being part of a society also looks fantastic on your academic transcript, this is because it shows that you are an individual with a range of qualities such as high commitment levels, teamwork and confidence which can easily be beneficial to the work environment. Along with these, if you opt to hold a notable position such as President, Vice-President, Secretary (you get the gist) in your society, this will show employers that you are a responsible and reliable individual who embraces being a leader. With both social and academic benefits, joining a society will always play in your favour.

Read more about the societies at Essex here & what they have to offer, in my previous post!

My experiences in Societies

Essex Flames, ICC British Open & University Nationals. Nottingham, March 2015

As soon as I was accepted to the University of Essex, I had a look at the many societies that Essex offer and Cheerleading immediately caught my eye. I had done a little cheerleading as a child, but never in my adult life and I finally has the opportunity to do so, so as soon as term started, I signed up, tried out and I made it onto the squad!

My experience as an Essex Flame was second to none, we had the opportunity to learn dances and stunts as part of our competition routines and then travelled to Birmingham and Nottingham, respectively, in order to compete against many other University Cheer teams! Cheer not only was super fun to do but also made me the fittest I’d ever been. In short, Cheer enhanced my sociability and fitness and also allowed me to be completely committed to working my hardest at something so it paid off when it was competition time.


As I’ve mentioned in my previous post (student life), after my time with the flames ended, I decided I wanted to take on a different type of responsibility when it came to societies. I was contacted by a couple students on campus that wanted to start up a Music Production Society since the Music society was dedicated to classic instruments and voice. Eventually, we decided to get our society ratified by the Soc Guild and we became an official Essex society in 2015, of which I decided to take on the responsibility of being President 2015-16. Being President had many challenges as anyone would imagine but I was extremely proud of the society and how far we came considering we had only just started. It’s an incredible experience to start something with a great bunch of people and to watch it blossom, especially when it comes to handing it down to a new President who will carry on your legacy!


Maybe after reading all of this, you’ll consider joining a society here at Essex! To help you choose, head over to our society homepage! If you have any other questions, as always, drop me an email!

Until next week,

Mon x

The Music Production Society, Freshers Fayre 2015-2016

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